What Is Remote Collaboration? A Guide For Remote Teams

Without a well-defined communication plan, miscommunication and misunderstandings can quickly derail projects and strain relationships within the team. Collaboration is at the heart of effective teamwork, but it can be challenging to foster when team members are physically distanced. When team members work in silos, fail to share ideas or seek input from others, the potential for innovation and synergy diminishes.

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This requires the right systems and technology to enable a company’s work to take place fully online. Remote collaboration is effective when team members communicate well on projects, maintain productive processes, and are on the same page about a project’s status and priorities. Creating communication protocols helps establish when it’s necessary to get together and hash out an issue and when it isn’t. Creating flowcharts can help diagram common workflows or problem-solving processes so people can visualize these processes whenever they need.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a marketing agency or doing in-house social media marketing for a company when you’re working remotely in social media, you need a birds’ eye view of things. PomoDone is a simple, easy-to-use time tracker that integrates with your favorite apps and lets you track your time across different devices. With Infinity, you can organize tasks and remote collaboration track projects, but you can also create databases, CRM, calendars, product roadmaps, and much more. You can assign and manage tasks in the app using a simple drag and drop interface, so you always know who is in charge of what. At the same time, there are two kinds of approvals – internal approval from your own marketing team and external approval from your clients.

Friday allows users to keep track of their meetings, daily tasks, team statuses, & personal goals. Plus, with daily check-ins, users can keep track of each other’s progress & submit questions, updates, & feedback to generate reports. The platform is praised for its intuitive interface & convenient screen & file sharing features.

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The presence of all the members at team meetings is very necessary for any team-based project. In a highly flexible remote environment, regularity can ensure that attendance becomes mandatory. In addition to that, regularity also establishes solid collaboration even if the workers are located overseas. Fixed working hours play an essential role in effective remote collaboration. Well defined schedules, or practices and daily routines is the overriding component that helps in controlling the productivity and success of the remote collaboration.

  • It also has personalized automatic reminders, check-ins, & follow-ups for daily tasks.
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  • When collaborating remotely, it can be easy to fall out of practice and work in siloes rather than in collaboration.
  • “Employees are noticing that employers are not just looking at the dollar amount of the trip, but instead seeing the value in investing in them,” says Huska.
  • The more your team knows where to quickly find the information they need, the better.
  • This is achieved by providing more context to client feedback & shortening the review cycle.

A wave of project management tools, video conferencing software, and remote collaboration tools makes this not only possible but an even more productive way of working. First off, tools meant for remote collaboration are based primarily on the features a team may require to best succeed. Shared word processing services, file-sharing hubs, video conferencing, and general project management interfaces are just a few examples of features that may be required from remote collaboration tools.

Establish norms and communication guidelines for remote team collaboration

AIOps helps to “monitor the operations environment in real time, automatically seeing and responding to incidents before they affect the enterprise,” she says. As part of the process, AIOps enables root cause analysis and real-time incident correlation. Regular virtual check-ins have become a key element in this new work environment. These check-ins help ensure that all team members feel included and heard regardless of location. Companies are also creating opportunities for informal virtual meetups to replicate spontaneous bonding moments that naturally occur in an office setting, thus fostering cross-generational collaboration. 89% of Hong Kongers prefer remote work, and HP offers a suite of collaboration tools for businesses that make it possible to efficiently and securely work from anywhere.

  • Remote collaboration is powered by the use of digital collaboration tools, which started being widely adopted when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.
  • According to the Harvard Business Review, the best way to increase team performance is by focusing on improving values, trust, and interdependency between your team members.
  • A virtual water cooler, if you will, where members can engage in chit-chat or discuss light topics when they’re not working on their next milestone.
  • Everything from invoices, documents, videos, logos, posters, social media, ads, and presentations.
  • By doing this, global teams can remain connected and collaborate despite the challenges posed by remote workspaces.
  • In the downloadable versions, you’ll find space to add notes for each practice, so you can jot down ideas.
  • From the tech stack that makes remote collaboration run smoothly to fostering effective teamwork, here are five ways to improve working remotely.

Remote collaboration changes the way that team members interact with each other and how an organisation functions on a day-to-day level. To address this and to pre-empt any issues that may arise, setting and communicating clear and concise policies, procedures and guidelines to teams to work to is essential. This can include removing any ambiguity around when it’s acceptable for team members to be contacted, through to any impact this may have on pay bands, support channels and workplace risk assessments. Chat is the simplest and fastest way to get your message across, but it’s important to remember that it’s also important to be able to see the person you’re speaking to.

Collect and organize important high-level information that employees need when they join the company. That could include org charts, a team directory, your company mission and goals, content calendars, product roadmaps, or other information everyone should know. Centralized information improves efficiency because the information your team accesses on a day-to-day basis becomes self-serve. The more your team knows where to quickly find the information they need, the better.

  • Coda is a popular alternative to Notion that blends the flexibility of documents, the power of spreadsheets, and the utility of apps into a single canvas.
  • Remote work offers numerous benefits, including increased flexibility, reduced commuting time, and improved work-life balance.
  • While not directly a challenge for collaboration, timemanagement affects remote collaboration significantly.
  • When meetings can be the only face-time that remote employees have, it’s important that they’re productive.